Valerie Omlid

Administrative Assistant

Valerie has been at Faith since the late 1990s when a close friend who was a member here told her about a part-time job available in the church office. A few weeks later, Valerie interviewed with Pastor Luiken, and he offered her the job.
Valerie was born in North Dakota and considers herself fortunate to have been a country girl most of her life! She was raised in a Christian home where family devotions were held every evening. After attending an evangelistic meeting at her neighborhood church, Valerie felt the Holy Spirit strongly convicting her of her sin. Her mother prayed with her and helped her to make the most important decision of her life…to follow Christ. Valerie is so thankful for her mother’s example and counts her blessings as a mother and grandmother, cherishing each moment spent with family.
Valerie is so encouraged to have a "front row seat" all week long, to interact with and to be encouraged by the large numbers of participants and volunteers who make all of our programs possible. Their servant hearts are the heart of FEFC.