Online Giving: How To


Option 1: Through Your Bank's Online Bill Pay

This option comes with our highest recommendation because it keeps your banking information private and most likely won't incur fees for you or the church. Most major and many smaller banks offer a feature within their online banking systems that allows you to pay anybody you would normally pay with a check. You simply log into your account, enter our name, address, dollar amount of donation, and schedule when you would like your donation sent (recurring payments options are usually available). The bank will send a check in the mail and we will process it into our general fund in the next deposit.

Option 2: Through ChurchCenterOnline, via ACH Transfer

If you choose to use the online giving portal provided at the bottom of the page, you have two options: ACH transfers and credit/debit card processing.  ACH transfers typically do not incur fees from your bank, and there is no processing fee for the church to receive an ACH transfer.  Processing an ACH transfer requires that you provide your routing number and account number.

Option 3: Through ChurchCenterOnline, via Credit/Debit Processing

This system will feel just like a purchase on You will provide your card number, expiration date, and CVV number and submit. The drawback is that we will be charged a 2.3% processing fee for all credit/debit donations.  This could be a significant fee for larger donations. The advantage over ACH transfers is speed and security. While ACH transfers are perfectly safe, some people feel safer using a card of some kind to process their payments. Where an ACH transfer takes two or three days to process, credit card processing is almost instant. If you chose to give via credit or debit card, you may consider adjusting your total giving amount to accommodate the 2.3% processing fee. There is an option in the giving portal that allows you to cover the processing fees as part of your gift.