Czech Cinema Challenge

Welcome to the Czech Cinema Challenge!

The Czech Cinema Challenge is our way of partnering with Olomouc Baptist Church (OBC) in Olomouc, Czech Republic as they purchase a building of their own for the first time. We have been partnering with OBC since 1995 through evangelistic English language camps.

OBC is in the process of purchasing a building that is in good condition, reasonably priced and well-suited for a church. It is a former cinema building in historic downtown Olomouc with a city park and rail line nearby.

OBC has raised the funds to purchase the building. We are putting forward a challenge to raise $200,000 to help remodel the building and furnish it. We are seeking contributions to be received by the end of 2017. OBC hopes to wrap up the remodeling efforts and move into the building in the first half of 2018.

Take a look at the videos below to learn more about our relationship with OBC, and to hear more about the project directly from our brothers and sisters in Olomouc.

You can make a commitment to the Czech Cinema Challenge by contacting Bonnie Kossow. You can email her at, or call her at 701-772-3452 during business hours.

Czech Challenge Committee,

Tim Bartel, Lori Cariveau, Scott Hulst, Deb Todhunter