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Summer Missions

Czech team updates

7/11/18: We are on the last leg of our travels. We are on the train to Olomouc. All has gone smoothly. We are all tired but glad to be this far along. Thank you to everyone who came to the send-off. Also a special thank you to Melanie Jones and Jan Laventure for preparing the snacks.

7/12/18: Deb and Paul are arriving this afternoon. We will meet Petr at 5:00 to see the church and then connect with the Czech team for dinner. We will be leaving for camp tomorrow after lunch. Please pray for safe travels and good team spirit. All is going well.

7/19/18: We just finished with camp. Peter shared his story last night and it went well. This has been a smoothly run camp. We have not heard of any conversions but God's word has been shared every day. We did have a few folks who have been attending ESL camps for years choose to attend the movie, A Case For Christ, last night. That was an encouragement to many of us.

We are now heading back to Olomouc. We will be attending church there on Sunday. Ilene will share her story in the service. On Sunday afternoon we will be leaving for Prague and then be back in Grand Forks Tuesday evening.

Czech Cinema Challenge

Welcome to the Czech Cinema Challenge!

The Czech Cinema Challenge is our way of partnering with Olomouc Baptist Church (OBC) in Olomouc, Czech Republic as they purchase a building of their own for the first time. We have been partnering with OBC since 1995 through evangelistic English language camps.

OBC has raised the funds to purchase the building. They hope to wrap up the remodeling efforts and move into the building in the fall of 2018.

Take a look at these videos to learn more about our relationship with OBC, and to hear more about the project directly from our brothers and sisters in Olomouc.

Czech Challenge Committee,

Tim Bartel, Lori Cariveau, Scott Hulst, Deb Todhunter