Bonnie Kossow

Business Administrator

In the summer of 2005, Bonnie had to leave a full-time ministry her family served in - always wondering what it would look like to serve Christ again in an official capacity. Bonnie felt the Lord press upon her to return to Grand Forks and begin attending Faith again. After working at the University of North Dakota for six years and enrolled as an "older than average" student in sociology, Bonnie was asked to apply for the Church Business Administrator position here at Faith. Knowing her predecessor, she thought “who could ever fill those shoes,” but Bonnie is still here six and a half years later learning more about God’s grace and love than she ever imagined in this journey she calls “life at Faith.”The Lord continues to show her that there is more to ministry than a "to-do list." Relationships, walking with people when it isn’t comfortable, submitting, asking herself "what was that check in my heart just then?", serving from a place of love for Christ instead of tasks to check off her list, etc. are all a part of serving Christ.

Bonnie was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, - Go Packers! She is always praying about how she can influence her six grandkids for Christ – taking advantage of the technology of today with the four young ones in Oklahoma. When Bonnie has free time, her most enjoyable hobby for several years has been researching her family tree and wondering what life was like on their journey to America. Not growing up in a home where a personal relationship with our Savior was taught or lived out, Bonnie has always wondered who prayed for her and her kids several generations ago.